NAWA SECRET The brand of natural safe compresses

NAWA SECRET The brand of natural safe compresses

NAWA SECRET The brand of natural safe compresses


Why Should You Change Your Unsafe Compress with Safe Compresses Such as Date Seed Compress?

Today, you no longer need to go out and relax. The Nawa Secret Natural and Safe Compresses make heat therapy easier and more convenient. Any type of heat therapy can help relieve aches, pains, back pain cramps, and muscle stiffness. Nonetheless, Nawa Secret heat compresses are ideal because they are convenient, natural, and safe. You can use them anywhere in your home, such as: lying in bed or sitting on the sofa.

There are many types of compresses: plastic hot water compresses, electric compresses, and other natural compresses. But what makes the date seed compress stand out among all these types is the following:

1/ It does not cause burns with hot water or electricity, unlike other plastic and electric compresses.

2/ It does not cause rots like flax seeds, cherry, or rice, as well as

3/ It can be washed and dried

4/ It can be formed on any part of the body such as neck or knee

5/ If it needs heat therapy, then you can put it in the microwave and cool if it needs cold therapy


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Back muscle spasms, joint pain, and stiffness can limit mobility and interfere with physical activity. Although drugs can be effective against inflammation, heat therapy can be great treatment for back pain, muscle cramps and more.

This therapy is nothing new. In fact, it dates to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who used sun rays as a remedy. The Chinese and Japanese even use hot springs as pain relievers.

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5 Types of Compresses and 13 Reasons Why Date Seed Compresses Are the Best

Date seed hot compresses are synonymous with safe and effective heat application. They are made from natural materials, have no chemical additives, and do not cause burning like those made from plastic or electric pads. Compresses can be re-used by washing and drying them multiple times.

For example, one of these hot compresses is used for a period of treatment for 10 days, but during this time it can be washed 1-2 times and dried as many times. Date seed compresses are created in a way that allows us to wrap them on an area of the body, for example on the shoulder or knee.

This allows you to have heat treatment in complete comfort! Also, if we want these hot compresses for heat treatment, we can put them on the microwave - then they will quickly become heated so you can apply them straightened on your body or indirectly through clothing. If we want cold therapy, we simply put them in free form in the refrigerator or freezer - then they will become cool quickly so you can apply them directly at the place of discomfort or indirectly through clothing

Safe Compress Can Be Found in Date Seeds


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There are many compresses on the market. However, there is only 1 type of compress that can be used in health care and that is the one made of date pits and seeds.  Not only is it safe, but also it is so easy to use.


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Date seed compresses are among the most popular types of self-administered treatments for pain and inflammation. Why is that so? They’re cheap and can be used either hot or cold for whatever purpose you need them. The uses for date seed compresses are endless, making them a valuable tool in your natural medicine cabinet.

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Why Date Seed Compresses are Safe


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Patients with chronic pain in their back or joints. They want to find an alternative to chemical treatment and physical therapy; they want to find a solution that is natural and effective. They are looking for an inexpensive way to treat their pain at home. They have gone to the doctor, but they were prescribed medications that cause side effects and they do not want to take them. They are looking for a natural treatment that provides relief from

Because I want our customers to enjoy the benefits of this safe and effective method of heat treatment and cold therapy, while they are in complete comfort!


The Nawa secret store provides a luxurious health product with 100% local handicraft:  the date kernels, which give you natural warmth for faster, easier, and lasting relaxation, in five different sizes that meet all parts of the body, in attractive colors and with a washable layer.