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    7 health benefits of Autophagy

    Autophagy is the process of eliminating damaged cells from the body and reproduce new cells. As we know, the human body has a trillion of cells. But sometimes, few unwanted substances are produced. They kill healthy cells or parts of cells.Auto means "self," and phage means "eating," so Autophagy refers to self-eating or self-devouring. This thing might sound like something harmful to your body, but it is necessary and beneficial. Autophagy is vital for your body's metabolic functioning as it eliminates dead and detrimental cells from your body. The researcher claims that Autophagy is a natural process that provides many health benefits.


    How does Autophagy work?

    You can effectively train your body to eat itself, and It is the natural process of the body in which it eats itself. In this case, your body makes specialized membranous structures that detect dead and worn-out cells. It strips away their parts and uses the remaining features of cells for energy use.

    Can you induce Autophagy?

    Various factors induce Autophagy, such as fasting, exercises curcumin. And coffee. According to researchers, Autophagy is suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

       • Fasting 
    Fasting is the best and quickest way to Induce Autophagy. When people do fasting, their body goes to calories deficiency that promotes Autophagy. If you keep fasting for a more extended period, it gives a deeper level of Autophagy.
    Research states that intermittent fasting can include Autophagy quickly. A 14 to 16 hour fasting period is adequate for Autophagy. But also eat healthy thing during eating period.

       • Exercise
    Human body cells go under stress during exercise. Workouts damaged the few components of cells, and it causes inflammation too. In one paper, the author briefly explains that our cells respond to them in the form of Autophagy.
    Moreover, much evidence is available related to autophagy ad exercise connection, and it promotes Autophagy in the human skeletal. So people can use exercise as a helping tool to promote Autophagy.

       • Curcumin
    Researchers claim that curcumin is best for trigging Autophagy. Curcumin is a naturally produced chemical that is present in turmeric.
    For instance, one animal study showed that curcumin induced. Autophagy helps to avoid diabetes, cardiomyopathy, and another chronic disease.
    Another study in mice claimed that curcumin helps to aid the cognitive impairment which is occurred by chemotherapy. So add curcumin to your daily diet to Induce Autophagy.

       • Coffee
    A study showed that caffeine and de-caffeine coffee regulate Autophagy in mice. It showed that Autophagy in muscle tissues, liver, and heart. Additionally, caffeine also works with ad Libitum diet.

    Health effects of autophagy

    According to many pieces of Research, Autophagy has many health benefits. It may be effective for cancer treatment, improve liver health, and boost the immune system. 

    Moreover, it reduces inflammation and protects cells from microbes. But Autophagy involved a complex process.

       1. Cancer:
    Recent Research claims that Autophagy is beneficial in the treatment of cancer. It plays a role in killing the cancer cell or inhibit the tumor cell. But sometimes, Autophagy promotes tumor cell production. Its duel nature depends on the tumor stage, and Autophagy works according to the cancer stage. 

       2. Extend life span:
    According to a study by Newscaster University, autophagy plays a role in the longevity of humans. It is because of a protein p62 that helps to induce autophagy. When this well know protein becomes active in the presence of reactive oxygen species. Then p62 eliminates the damaging substances which stored body. So autophagy makes people healthy and increases their lifespan.
       3. Improve liver health:
    Autophagy protects the liver cell from injury and damage. It also improves the overall health of the liver. Autophagy removes the dead or damaged cell and defective protein which happened due to liver illness. Another claims that Autophagy helps to soothe the effect of drugs and alcohol-induced injuries.

    According to Research, Autophagy also improves liver function and helps to protect the liver from diseases.

    • Chronic drug-related disease
    • Wilson's disease
    • Severe liver injury
    • Fatty liver disease
    • Chronic alcohol-related liver disease
    Autophagy and liver-related studies are animals related, so researchers are trying for more evidence.
    4. Heart disease:
    There is no doubt that Autophagy has many health benefits. It also effective for heart health because Autophagy makes a pathway for the removal of the cytoplasmic substrate.

    5. Boost immune system:
    Autophagy also boosts the immune system by eliminating damaged cells, harmful agents, and toxins from the body. A sherd study evidence claims that Autophagy reduces inflammation, which improves a cell's position with neurodegenerative and infectious diseases. A review article published that Autophagy protects the new cells from damaging agents.

    Moreover, researchers are performing many kinds of Research about the role of Autophagy in new treatments. They are also looking at the effect of Autophagy on cells.

    6. Alzheimer disease:
    Autophagy also has a connection with Alzheimer's disease. According to the national library of medicine's research report, Autophagy's shortness leads to Alzheimer's disease.

    7. Protect genome:
    A study of ATG gene-deficient immortalized epithelial cells has shown that Autophagy also saves the DNA from damage and stops chromosomal instability. It also maintains cellular hemostats. 

    Side effects and risks
    Autophagy also has some side effects. Such as:
       • A Study state Excessive Autophagy destroys the heart's healthy cell, and it causes serious heart issues.
       • Few kinds of Research have shown that Autophagy promotes the production of cancer cells in mice. In a human, it also increases the tumor cells that are already suffering from cancer or tumor.
    Sometimes, people start fasting, and low calories diet plan to induce Autophagy artificially. But it may cause health issues in them.

    Final words:
    Autophagy is a vital process which helps to remove the unwanted or damaged cell from the body. This process makes us healthy and active. Autophagy has many health benefits but has few drawbacks too.
    Moreover, many people try different things to induce Autophagy, like fasting, curcumin, exercises, and coffee. If anyone who wants to induce Autophagy should contact a doctor. Because the doctor will suggest the best option and procedure to induce Autophagy.