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    ?what are the best hair supplements

    Sep 07, 2022

    Everyone desires long, shiny, and healthy hair. Our hair also needs nutrients for growth. That is why a well-balanced diet is important for hair health [1]. But if the nutrient requirement is not fulfilled with diet, you can take supplements to fulfill the need.

    Hair supplements

    Here are some vitamins, minerals, and proteins that help hair to grow healthy and long.

    Vitamins: Vitamins and biotin are essential nutrients that help the body grow healthy. Following vitamins promote hair health:

    Biotin (vitamin H or B7): Biotin maintains the keratin infrastructure of hair and prevents hair loss [2]. However, other B vitamins are also essential for hair health.

    Vitamin A:  Vitamin A activates stem cells in hair follicles and supports sebaceous glands to produce oil. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp [3].

    Vitamin C: Vitamin C promotes collagen production that helps hair grow stronger.

    Vitamin D: It plays an essential part in follicle cycling and helps increase the volume of the hair.

    Vitamin E: This antioxidant vitamin protects the scalp from free radicals that promote hair loss.

    Protein and Minerals: Keratin is a protein present in hair. Protein increases the growth phase of the hair cycle. On the other hand, minerals such as zinc support protein building and hair tissue growth [4]. Iron improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to hair cells.

    Be mindful before taking supplements, as the high level of nutrients can cause severe toxicity. So, it is the best idea to consult with a health care professional before taking these supplements.