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    6 Healthy Homemade Chips For Chips Lovers

    Nov 17, 2021

    Should I let my kids eat chips? Yes, you should allow them to eat chips. As you know, kids love to eat chips, but deep-fried street chips are unhealthy for kids. Because deep-fried chips are high in calories and contain too much fat that is unhealthy. But you can replace these unhealthy chips with homemade baked chips. Homemade chips are healthier than chips from restaurants or bakeries because they are baked with low oil and healthy ingredients. So these homemade chips are low in calories and have less fat. According to studies, homemade chips are best for both kids and adults.
    Additionally, you can make different types of chips at home with all healthy ingredients.

    Here are a few healthy homemade chips recipes mentioned below

    1. Baked Sweet potato Chips with Orange and Thyme
    Sweet potato chips are healthy to eat because they contain a large amount of vitamin A and are rich in fiber too. Additionally, oranges are rich in vitamin C and magnesium, which are good for health. Orange juice and orange zest give an amazing twist to the sweet potato chip. You can easily make these healthy chips at home.
    How to make
    ● Take sweet potatoes, wash them.
    ● Make thin slices of sweet potatoes with a knife or slicer
    ● Put these slices into a bowl
    ● Take two oranges, squeeze them on sweet potato slices
    ● Sprinkle some oil on the potatoes
    ● Spread the sweet potato slices on a baking sheet
    ● Bake them for 20 minutes
    ● Your healthy sweet potato chips are ready
    Use more than one baking sheet to make these and adjust a baking time of 20 minutes or accordingly

    2. Pita Garlic Chips
    Do you love street pita chips? Here is good news: you can make your healthy pita chips at home. Whole wheat is healthy because it contains dietary fiber, iron, and cilium. It is a very easy method to make your own pita chips. To have a unique cheesy taste, add a small amount of parmesan, or you can use nutritional yeast as well.
    How to make:
    ● Preheat your oven to 360 degree
    ● Take a whole wheat bread and cut it into small rectangular pieces
    ● Add one tablespoon of oil into a large bowl
    ● add garlic and spices to the bowl, mix it with oil
    ● put small pieces of pita bread in it, mix all ingredients well
    ● arrange these slices into baking try on butter paper
    ● put the tray into Oven and bake it for 8 minutes
    ● now enjoy your favorite pita garlic chips

    3. Garlic Bread Spinach Chips
    Parmesan, Breadcrumbs, and garlic give green leaves a great kick in the savory snack that is a rich source of Iron. You can make garlic bread spinach chips at home but don’t forget to add olive oil; otherwise, delicious seasoning won’t stick to the spinach.
    You can use parchment paper on the baking sheet as well.
    How to make it?
    ● Cut two whole breads into round shaped slices
    ● Take a handful of spinach and chop it
    ● Make a mixture of garlic, spinach, and olive oil
    ● Apply this mixture on bread slices
    ● Putt all the slices son butter or parchment paper
    ● Bake it for 7 to 8 minutes
    ● Your garlic, spinach bread chips are ready to eat

    4. Taro chips
    It is known as the "potato of the tropics." It is a purple root vegetable that is an enriched source of vitamin C and vitamin B6. You can eat these chips as natural or use them as a base for salmon tartare.
    How to make
    ● preheat Oven to 350 degree
    ● Take 2 to 3-pound large taro and peel off the skin
    ● Cu the taro into thin round shaped pieces
    ● Apply garlic paste on them
    ● Sprinkle black pepper and salt on these slices
    ● Bake them for 20 minutes
    ● Your taro chips are ready to serve

    5. Baked Cinnamon Apple chips
    Apple is a healthy fruit that is good for people of all age groups. Cinnamon is also a fantastic herb with lots of health benefits. If your kid does not eat a raw apple, you can give him apple chips. It needs 2 hours of baking and cooling time, but the results are waiting for their worth.
    How to make
    ● Preheat your Oven to 220 degree
    ● Take 4 to 5 apples, wash them and cut into round slices
    ● Sprinkle cinnamon powder on apple pieces
    ● Putt all the slices on a baking sheet and put them into the oven for 4 to 5 minutes
    ● Now take off the apple chips from the oven and cool them for 2 hours.

    6. hint of Lime baked Tortilla Chips
    Baked tortilla chips are healthy because they contain 6 percent protein and about 3 percent healthy fats. In addition, lime tortilla chips are easy to make at home.
    How to make
    ● Preheat your oven to 350 degree
    ● Make a mixture of olive oil and lime juice
    ● Take a corn tortilla and cut them into pieces
    ● Apply the mixture on a tortilla with the help of chips
    ● Sprinkle other herbs like cumin, chili, etc.
    ● Bake these slices for 7 to 8
    ● Turn off the oven and eat your chips when they become cool.

    Chips are all-time favorite of kids and adults. Because these crispy, salty, and spicy chips are the yummiest. People want to replace their bland food with these chips, but deep-fried chips are unhealthy; people should bake chips at home for their kids and themselves. A great variety of chips can be made at home with a small amount of oil and healthy ingredients such as Lime baked Tortilla Chips, Taro chips, Baked Cinnamon Apple chips, Baked Sweet potato Chips with Orange and Thyme and Pita Garlic Chips.
    If you are a chips lover but avoid unhealthy things start eating healthy homemade crispy chips