Don’t make the workout as your routine, do it as a hobby

    Aug 17, 2020


    Choose the workout that you like!

    Is exercising has been at the bottom of your list? If so, you are not alone! I am also the one who never relishes the joy of workout. Getting up at 5:30 a.m. and running six to eight miles has always been an unnecessary evil for me.
    I used to make excuses to get out of the gym class. My husband was a perfect runner and a walk climber junkie, who often ask me to start workout regularly. He hired a personal trainer for me to make exercising, my routine. And he succeeded, this was the point when I realized that I actually hate working out.
    I could not continue this cheaper attitude anymore and wanted to make the workout as my fun hobby. I consulted a psychologist, and he asked me to choose the workout that I like. It will help me to do it as a hobby.

    Let me share a few of the worthy options with you

    • Go for hiking
    Hiking helps you to challenge yourself and get super active. It’s the best fitness hobby that doesn’t demand so much. All you need is a water bottle and a pair of hiking boots. Start with the maintained trails in the parks and then tackle some of the rugged paths.
    A report by the American Hiking Society reveals that every year over 35 million people in America go hiking and enjoy the best of their health.

    • Start yoga
    Yoga seems not to be a strenuous exercise but it’s the best whole body workout. There are plenty of types of yoga-like meditation, Bikram, vinyasa yoga, etc. depending upon your interest choose the type of yoga and enjoy its physical and mental benefits.
    According to research, yoga is a rapidly growing hobby. It has been endured by more than 50% of people in the last four years. 
    • Join dancing class
    Dancing is another interesting way to keep yourself fit. Join the dancing class of your choice like Zumba, hip hop, or salsa. And find the instructor that build your interest and bound you to the class. The dancing strengthens those muscles which are neglected while walking and jogging. Moreover, you can also dance in your room.
    Apart from the joyous physical activity,

     here are the few tips that can make you stick to the exercise habit!

    Get a partner
    Pick someone from your friends or neighbors who are committed to the health and go for the gym with him/her. This will keep you motivated.

    Set up fitness goals
    You should aim for health or fitness, rather than muscle gain or weight loss. To accomplish this, set goals and put your efforts to beat the previous records.

    Play music
    I think everyone loves music. And music enhances the workout and make it almost twice as joyous as without music. 
    If hobbies are the right one for you, they develop into a passion. And this allows you to stick to them. Staying consistent with your workout regimen isn’t a piece of cake. You need a commitment to achieve benefits. Without making fitness your fun hobby you can’t stick in the long run.