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    14 Best way to get flawless skin according to dermatologist

      Do you want to know how to get smooth and glowing skin?

    All of us are not blessed with healthy and flawless skin. Most of us face many skin issues such as acne, itching, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and patchy skin. But that does not mean that you can't maintain good health. You'll be so happy to hear that achieving a good skin goal is a super-fast and easy process.

    According to a report of the international open-access journal of the American Society of plastic surgery, skincare is essential for healthy skin, and there are various natural skin care products available that promotes healthy skin.

    Although we all have a routine to cleanse, tone and moisturize our skin that we follow religiously, your skin also needs extra care and attention to look hydrated and healthy. A few beneficial skincare steps help eliminate pigmentation, acne, and scars that make our skin unhealthy.
    Therefore, make time for yourself, and follow these mentioned steps

    All of us are not blessed with healthy and flawless skin. Most of us face many skin issues such as acne, itching, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and patchy skin. But that does not mean that you can't maintain good health. You'll be so happy to hear that achieving a good skin goal is a super-fast and easy process.


    1. Cleansing:
    The First Step of a daily skincare routine is cleansing. This process is the best way to eliminate harmful substances, dust, and excessive oil from the face. Additionally, the choice of cleanser matters the most. Gentle face washes are better than harsh ones. But note down, too much use or more offer use is dangerous because it smashes skin barrier. Do cleansing 3 to 4 times per day for healthy skin.In light of the evidence(1), this thing is clear that cleaners aid to remove oil, sebum .germs, and dust particles from the face that improve skin texture. This thing helps to avoid multiple skin issues.

    2. Exfoliator:
    The process helps remove the dead skin cells from the skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliator. After 30 days, the skin naturally removes dead skin to make a place for new skin cells.Moreover, sometimes skin does not remove dead skin cell altogether. It causes dryness and flaky patches, and open pores.
    According to a report of the American Academy of dermatology, exfoliation makes the skin brighter and shiny.

    3. Treatment:
    Many dermatologists promote using alpha hydroxy acid as it makes your skin glowing and brighten. It removes dead skin cells and helps promote the production of collagen.Moreover, they increase the blood flow to the skin and prevent acne breakouts. Additionally, if you want to add retinol, then it is beneficial to use it during nighttime from a dermatologist point of view. Retinol is known as vitamin AAccording to a Harvard medical school study(2), the serum with retinol helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They help to improve skin color and texture. Additionally, it acts as an anti-aging agent too.

    4. Serum:
    Dermatologists suggest vitamin C serum to use during day time. According to famous dermatologist, McGovern says "If I'm asked, I'll say that everybody must make use of vitamin c independent of their age because vitamin c serum is beneficial to recover your skin from damage caused by pollution and sun.According to a study(3), vitamin c is beneficial for skin health. This study showed that vitamin c help to stop or reduce hyperpigmentation.
    Moreover, consider one thing: serum must contain a stable form of vitamin C to make the molecule soak into your skin. Furthermore, you should apply the serum before going to bed. It shows incredible results when using in the nighttime.

    5. Face oil:
    Face oils are essential for skin, and a great way to seal in moisture is the "use of face oils". According to a dermatologist, Most of us think that oily or acne-prone skin will breakout by the use of face oil, but it's false". Face oils hydrate your skin and make them softer and smoother. Especially using alpha hydroxyl acids and retinol like ingredients adds a supplemental boost of moisture.

    6. Sunscreen:
    The most crucial Step in one's daily skincare routine is "sun screening". According to Dr magovern, "All other steps go into vain if you don't do this step". The sun is the primary cause that damages your skin and causes premature aging.So, it’s mandatory to protect your skin from sun rays even If you don't go outside more often because Uv rays can transpire through windows. According to a study of journal of the association of the basic medical sciences(4), use sunscreens because they provide safety against sun rays and free radicals.

    7. Moisturizer:
    Moisturizing is the best part of a skincare routine. If you have dry skin, you should moisturize your skin frequently because it will nourish your skin. Moreover, moisturizer contains healthy ingredients that may reduce blemishes. It keeps the skin young and evergreen.According to a research report(5), different moisturizer performs different functions such as anti-inflammation, wounds healing, cooling sensation and promote epidermal mitotic activity.Moreover, there are varieties of moisturizer available such as olive oil, sunflower oil, coconuts oil. Commonly people use glycerin(6) for moisturizing the skin. According to a study(7) The function of a moisturizer is to keep the skin hydrated.

    8. Chemical peeling:
    In chemical peeling, a specific chemical agent is used, which turns into a blister and eventually peels down and makes the skin smooth, glowing and wrinkles free. Research proved that chemical peeling is best to cure skin disorder(8). Chemical peeling is for hands, face and neck.
    It also • Reduces under eyes lines and lines around the mouth
    • Treats wrinkles caused by sun damage.
    • Diminishes milder scars
    • Reduces birthmarks
    • Decreases melisma due during the gestational period and with the use of combined oral contraceptive pills
    After a chemical peeling, skin becomes moderately sensitive to the sun. So one must wear sunscreen every day. The sunblock should always be broad-spectrum, it must protect against the sun's UVA and UVB radiations, and it should be above SPF 30. Also, limit your time between 10 am to 12 pm and stay indoors.

    9. Toning:
    Toning isn't a mandatory step. If you have a favorite toner, then you can use it. Toner helps to balance the pH of the skin and glow up the skin. If you got sensitive skin having an acne issue, you must use a toner containing salicylic acid. Salicylic acid alleviates acne breakouts. According to a study of journal of the American Academy of dermatology)9), salicylic acid toner and scrub remove blackheads and stop their production. It also improves overall skin health. On the other hand, if you got dry skin, go for hydrating toners. These hydrating toners are known as lightweight toner(10), which improves the hydration level of the skin. 

    10. Face mask:
    The face mask helps to reduce many skin issues such as lower oil production, remove dryness and eliminate spot marks. Different varieties of face mask are available according to skin type.

    11. Eye cream
    Eye cream is part of your daily skincare routine. It comes in the "treat category". It has various benefits, such as reducing the dark circle under the eye and improving uneven skin tone. Additionally, eye cream promotes skin glow and protect the under-eye area.A study claims that eye cream helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles and eye circle(11). Moreover, there is the proper way to use eye cream for supper results.
    Select an eye cream of a well-known brand; here is best way to apply cream
    • Put the eye cream on the tip of your ring finger because it is soft finger does not cause full harmful effect
    • Apple under the eye where you feel dark circle or patchy skin
    • Massage it gently. Don't run it .just apply gently
    • Now leave it as it for the whole night, don't touch is readily

    12. Derma plaining:
    Derma planning is a specific kind of skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead and degenerated cells from the skin. It is also named micro-planning or blading.Dermaplaning makes your skin smooth, glowing and all clean. It also removes the deep scaring of untreated acne. It is also used to remove "peach fuzz", which are soft and short hair on your face.
    It is useable for all skin types and anyone with
    Dry skin
    • Dull skin
    • Acne scars
    • Suntanned skin
    • Fine wrinkles

    13. Micro-needling:
    Micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure that is used to treat acne scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. Usually, this procedure is used to produce collagen. Moreover, it is an effective treatment for anti-aging and sunspots. But micro-needling does not show an effect for hair loss treatment. A study proved that micro-needling(12) is the perfect treatment for the stretch marks. Note: After the micro-needling, your skin will become sun-sensitive. So, apply sunscreen before going outside.

    14. Face rolling:
    Face rolling is the best way to get brighter and smoother skin. Because it helps to boost blood circulation, tighten the skin and lower the puffins. For face rolling, special type rollers are used. These rollers are made of crystal-like quartz and jade and have a handle. Moreover, people use it for the massage to get flawless skin.
    A study showed that the use of a massage roller helps to improve blood circulation in the skin.

    Final words:
    Flawless skin is everyone's goal because everyone wants to look perfect. Therefore these are excellent skincare tips. If you follow them, you will get positive results. No doubt, skincare routine plays an essential role in getting flawless skin.