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    How can we choose the type of shampoo for hair?

    A shampoo is a viscous liquid that contains a typical formula of surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Lauryl sulfate[1], which is used to treat the oil and scalp of the air. The shampoo ingredients might vary from company to company; some might have included a fragrance to create a good smell and a feel of freshness. Some companies might add coconut oil for hydration or silicones to smoothen the hair.

    The right choice of shampoo is very essential. Before deciding on the type of shampoo for your hair, you must know what type of hair you are containing. It can be simply said that whether you contain dry hair, neutral hair, or oily hair.

    As the right shampoo will provide you such benefits:

    1. Build on the condition

      The better shampoo as per your type of hair would improve your hair condition. It makes your hair look fresh and healthier by keeping in mind to remove all dirt particles from your hair[2].
    2. Restoring the growth

      The shampoo which suits your hair type could be extra beneficial for you in restoring the growth of your hair. It gives strength to your hair.
    3. Protecting the color

      If your hair is treated with some color, the right shampoo will protect your color as well. Before deciding on the type of shampoo, you must know what ingredients should be added to the shampoo as per your hair type. So, the following are the hair types:
    4. Dry hair

      If the type of hair you contain is dry, then it can be broken easily. By deciding on shampoo, you must take a shampoo that contains oil, silicone, or sulfates as it would be quite helpful in removing all dryness and moisturization of your hair. The shampoo must coat your hair and contains extra conditioning properties. 
    5. Neutral hair

      The type of hair you contain is neutral hair which is neither dry nor oily hair; then, you do not need such shampoo, which contains a lot of additives. You only need a simple or light shampoo that just gives your hair a fresh look[3]. A neutral hair type person must avoid the usage of shampoo daily.
    6. Oily hair

      If the scalp appears after the wash or gets oily right after the wash, you have oily hair. You need a shampoo that does not contain moisturizing ingredients[1]. As your hair is quite oily and, moisturizing ingredients would make them more oily.


    The shampoo is a viscous liquid that contains a mixture of different ingredients, which gives hair a fresh and healthy look. Before choosing the type of shampoo must be aware of your hair type. If you contain dry hair, you must choose a shampoo with the ingredients that moisturize your hair. While in the case of neutral hair, daily shampoo is not recommended. As oily hair must use less moisturizing ingredients containing shampoo[4].     


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